Teen Girl Bedroom

Teen Girl Bedroom

By | February 3, 2019

Hello, I'm Jennifer with Jennifer Decorates, and in today's video, I've got a really pretty teen girl room I want to show you so stay tuned.

So, I was asked by the Jones company – they're located in Franklin, Tennessee to decorate one of their model homes.

It's been almost a year long process and I'm gonna show you a ton of videos on that later.

Today I wanted to give you a sneak peek at our favorite room, at least the girls all voted that this was our favorite room, and that was the teen girl room! Now for the design process.

I always start with color.

So I'm gonna start with the paint color.

Paint is hard I don't care who you talk to.

I don't care how long they've been playing with paint paint is really really hard.

I wanted a very very pale pink color.

I had six different samples, and I tested them all until I came up with a color called "Fresh Linen" by Farrell Calhoun.

Now, let me give you one little tip: when you're choosing paint color and I will tell people if you if you kind of know what color blue you want get about three or four different samples.

Hold them up to each other.

Then hold that paint color up to a white piece of paper and that will tell you how deep that hue color is – when we're just holding it up in the store under the fleshless – ugh – "Fluorescent" light it's never going to be the same as it is in the actual room and also take that paint color home test it on several different samples and put it on several different walls in the room look at it both in the daytime and in the night time.

So I chose the "Fresh Linen" color by Farrell Calhoun.

It turned out absolutely perfect! Then my next decision was bedding and drapes and I really wanted a style that would be timeless for a teen girl.

Now I know this is a model home, but it's still – all of the design rules still apply.

So let me show you around.

All right.

So let me show you the bed.

I chose a white headboard it's actually from the Magnolia Home line and then white bedding and Then the fabric which I'll show you more close-up on the draperies Very pale pink with sweet little birds on them and a little bit of gray.

So I pulled the gray out in and I had these made in the euros and then added a little bit more pink.

Now, of course, I'm a dog lover.

So when I chose the art, I had to choose pictures of puppies! And what's so cute if you look at this little pug over here – His little pink ears even pull out the pink color on the walls.

Let me show you the drapes they were my favorite.

Of course, the fabric was my favorite like I mentioned, Just a touch of pale pink in them and again a sweet little bird here and then a lot of gray.

In the corner of the room, I placed a small chair.

And then with a little table, and then I found this artwork at HomeGoods Again, when I'm designing it's all about a budget.

I don't care who you are.

You're on a budget.

So where do I want to save money? And where do I want to spend? I'm a Homegoods girl when it comes to looking for really cool art and accessories.

And what I loved about this art was again It has just a little bit of pink in it.

And then if you look closely it's got a little bit of shimmer and glamour.

Another way I saved a little bit of money is I found this little table I chalk painted it and of course distressed it around the edges.

I've got a video if you want to know how to do that with furniture But again, it was another way to save money, but yet it added a little bit of character to the room.

Let me show you a really inexpensive wall decor idea I came up with.

And that's these gold flowers.

Now, they're plastic.

They were white.

I purchased them at Hobby Lobby and with a can of spray paint voila Very cheap wall decor that I thought turned out really neat! Now gone are the days where every piece of furniture has to match.

But when you're designing a teen room or even a child's room, I really think it's important when choosing the furniture because that's your biggest investment to choose something that's timeless.

So even though I had a white headboard doesn't mean I have to have a white dresser.

So, I actually chose one that was wood and then I hung a beautiful mirror above it and just kind of kept my accessories minimal.

Of course, when a real teen girl is gonna live in this room it'll be totally different! But I just kind of kept the accessories minimal.

Now for the two nightstands now most bedrooms won't have room.

Maybe not have a room for two nightstands but I put this same exact lamps on both nightstands.

And I saved money because these are Hobby Lobby lamps.

Hobby Lobby runs sales for lamps half off.

If you don't grab the 40% off coupon if you missed that sale week.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this tour of the teen girl room.

Be sure to subscribe to my channel, because I'm gonna have a lot more videos coming out all about the process of designing this model home and a lot more tips.

I hope you have a wonderful day!.

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