Small-Space Bedroom

Small-Space Bedroom

By | January 27, 2019

[music playing] I'm standing rightoutside of a guest bedroom that may be tight on space,but it is packed with style.

One of the first things thatI did in here was really make it feel a lot largerthan it is by covering the walls, the doors, thetrim, and the vaulted ceiling in white.

This really helps playwith all the natural light that comes through the windows.

It also gave me abeautiful backdrop to bring in this canopy bed.

A lot of people think aboutgoing smaller with furniture in smaller or tighter spaces.

But you don't have to.

You actually want to go bigger.

This canopy bed actuallycreates the look of a room within a room.

And its black, steelconstruction really contrasts beautifully against the white.

Same with the light fixturedirectly over the bed.

It's architectural.

It has black metal lines.

And it really popsagainst all the white.

Another trick that I did in herewas play with different styles and sizes of patterns.

The Roman shadeson the windows are a smaller pattern-repeat inblack, white, and kelly green.

The white stripe of the duvetcover is a much larger pattern.

And then we have a moresubtle play here at the end.

We've got a throw blanket that'stone-on-tone with a very tight pattern that's been stitched.

Just a little subtlety thathelps keep everything balanced.

Then I decided to playup the nice-sized closet attached to this bedroom.

I painted the walls and theceiling a shade of kelly green, not too far from theshade on the bed.

With the doors open,it makes the room feel like a much larger space.

So just keep inmind, if you have a bedroom that mightbe tight on space, it does not have tobe short on style.

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