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50 bedroom color ideas for couples A bedroom holds the honor of being the most special place in any home. Bounded by four walls, it is the room wherewe all desire to dream. It is the only room of the house that hasnames attached to it and, above all, a ‘my’ tag hanging before it. Isn’t it? So, we need to be extra cautious when designingthe bedroom. It has to be comfortable, beautiful, perfectand personal. There are lots of things to consider whendesigning a bedroom: size and shape […]

Hello and welcome this is Disha and I'mhere to help you transform your house into a home A month ago when I told youabout my collaboration with Livspace and asked you to send me all your design anddecor related queries I received a lot of queries from you guysand the editor from Livspace has clubbed together the similar queries and hasanswered them. In this video we have solutions of five design related queriesand all the other queries we are going to answer in next video. Now littleabout Livspace. […]

– We are on our way to Gray Lumber. Anyways we're justgonna meet with Melinda, who I've bought cabinets from before. I really love their options and their line and their service, most importantly. She's very detail oriented, and she'll also let me know like hey this is a really good quality as far as the bang for your buck, or hey this is really expensive, but it's not necessarily worth it. So I trust Melinda, so we're gonna go have a chat with herand look at the […]

Hello everybody and welcome back to my channel. My name is Julie and todays video is going to be a fall room makeover. So I absolutely love all things cozy and Ilove decorating so I figured that fall would be the perfect time to do a makeover. So I have three places in my room that needed some serious fall vibes so thefirst one is a reading nook, the second place is my bed and the third one is my living area. So right here in this corner […]

50 ikea bedroom makeover ideas It's important to take the time to make your bedroom a special place, so you can startthe day off right and end with a good night's sleep. First, let's consider doors, windows and otherfeatures in your room that impact the location of your bed. Next up is storage – what would be better:a dresser, a wardrobe or possibly both depending on your needs? Once storage is set, the light levels of theroom can be adjusted to be sure window treatments are layered and […]

– I'm Greg from Jeffrey & Wilkes and this is part 11 of your 13 part guide to Creating a Home Extensionwith the Wow Factor. This week we're discussing kitchen designs and how to have the perfectkitchen for your home extension. A kitchen is an important priority. You're going to spendevery day in your kitchen, so you want to make sure you plan this and get the design exactlyright for your needs. The best thing to do is,you don't want to use an architect to designthe kitchen for […]

A well-designed tabletop enhances any diningexperience. Just ask the designers featured in tonight'sArt of the Table event hosted by Bilotta Kitchens, Replacements Limited and Traditional Home. Join us as the designers share their tablescapesand dish on the secrets to great kitchen design. I'm Kelly Dedman for Traditional Home andyou're watching Editor TV. Kelly: So who did you envision when you werecreating this space? Mikel Welch: I'm also an interior designerand a set designer, so I make characters, but this time the character was actually myself,like believe it or […]

50 ikea small bedroom storage ideas A small bedroom can be cozy, but it can also be a bit of a storage nightmare. How do you squeeze everything you need intosmall bedroom? Originating as it did in Europe, where tinyapartments abound, IKEA knows a few things about small bedrooms. Here are 50 ikea small bedroom storage ideasfor your small sleeping space—some specifically designed to solve small-bedroom woes, andothers that just happen to be perfect for smaller spaces.

Hello everybody Today I am renovating the bedroom I tried to find my working pants in this mess without success so that's why I am wearing Peter's shorts today I need to buy a new pair at Lowes I took down the curtain I have vacuumed and wiped so. Now. The wallpaper is partly coming off usually I would rip the wallpaper down and put up a new one but this is a "Quick and dirty" so I am just going to glue the gaps and get going […]