Modern Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Design

By | February 14, 2019

– We are on our way to Gray Lumber.

Anyways we're justgonna meet with Melinda, who I've bought cabinets from before.

I really love their options and their line and their service, most importantly.

She's very detail oriented, and she'll also let me know like hey this is a really good quality as far as the bang for your buck, or hey this is really expensive, but it's not necessarily worth it.

So I trust Melinda, so we're gonna go have a chat with herand look at the plans for the kitchen cabinets.

(slow jazz music) Refrigerator.

Oh and the island! That's where where thewall's getting removed, there's gonna be an island right there.

The cabinets are gonna go allthe way up to the ceiling? – Yep.

– Okay.

– Yeah.

– With no crown, right? – No, we're just gonnado a little trim piece.

– Yep – Or something up there.

– Is it gonna have the same sheen? – It can be, if we look at the door right there that's hanging up, that one actually has a gloss on it.

This is a standard gloss,and then that's the matte.

– It's funny how whenyou put it next to it like it looks not shinny butwhen you take it away it does.

– But now since I've been in the house, I, I don't know if there's a reason I'm liking the gloss in there.

– Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Let's go with the gloss.

– Okay.

– And is it easier to clean too? – I think it is.

– Yeah.

– Because it's got an extra coating you don't have clean, so.

– Oh, yeah.

– Great.

And that was another one.

– Oh.

– Yeah.

(laughs) – I kinda love that.

I definitely want that.

– [Melinda] Okay.

– This would be the lowers.

This is the counter top.

So it would essentially be.

I kind of want the the matte.

The matte will be good.

– Okay.

– Yeah.

– And I feel like a gloss would actually darken this wood up.

– Yeah.

– And it would take away from – Exactly.

You think that's gonna be aslightly different than that, and the cabinet's gonna be an all, it's not gonna have any, it's just gonna be a flat faced cabinet.

I think that's it.

And that was a success.

All of that efficiency.

That took all of 25 minutes.

– [Man] That's pretty good.

(laughs) – Melinda's awesome.

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