Kitchens Art of the Table

Kitchens Art of the Table

By | February 10, 2019

A well-designed tabletop enhances any diningexperience.

Just ask the designers featured in tonight'sArt of the Table event hosted by Bilotta Kitchens, Replacements Limited and Traditional Home.

Join us as the designers share their tablescapesand dish on the secrets to great kitchen design.

I'm Kelly Dedman for Traditional Home andyou're watching Editor TV.

Kelly: So who did you envision when you werecreating this space? Mikel Welch: I'm also an interior designerand a set designer, so I make characters, but this time the character was actually myself,like believe it or not.

So I'm envisioning myself like when I finallymake it big and I'm here in Manhattan, I'm on the Upper East Side, it's all about takingpieces from the past and pairing them with things that are extremely modern.

So we're going to use darker neutrals andthat's kind of what I wanted to bring to this space.

Kelly: Talk to me a little bit about how atablescape like you have created enhances a dining experience? Kate Singer: Well, I think anything that'sis beautiful and lovely as Kim Sabre's tabletop items are like jewelry for the table.

They're hand beaded and just so exquisite.

And then all the products that we found fromReplacements; the Ralph Lauren dishes and silverware and the Waterford crystal, it'sjust so opulent and so inviting and conducive to entertaining.

Doreen Chambers: For me, it's all about thetable top and there are so many beautiful elements that you can choose from.

I'm a big fan of a Luxe and they make beautifulpieces.

And it's almost like jewelry for the diningtable and those are the elements that people have really picked up on.

They love the glamour and the glitz and therhinestones.

Kelly: So what would you say is the one keyelement in your design that sort of ties everything all together? Jacquelyn Moore-Hill: I would say the pallet.

Originally it was kind of warming up thisreally white modern kitchen and also understanding that there's black surfaces that are incorporated.

So I chose the Canary in a Coal Mine theme,which has just yellows with blacks and whites and smoky greys.

Toward the end I added more green in and morewood tones to kind of warm up the space, but the goal was really to warm it up with a greatpalette.

Kelly: So who did you envision using thisspace? Dayle Bass: Well, this is a very neutral kitchen,we're white and we're grey in here.

So we designed this kitchen as a bakers’kitchen.

So somebody that's very artistic, that likesa lot of color, that's creative, that's shown with our cake displays made out of trims.

So we thought a colorful palette would reallybring it alive.

Kelly: So tell us about your design and wheredid you begin? Scott Hirshson: So we're really excited tobe invited to join this year’s Art of the Table and to present for the first time thiskitchen display.

The first thing that struck us when we camein is the piece right behind us, which is the galley sink.

The space did feel very urban to us and wefelt like it really was kind of the life of the party and that's where we started.

Kelly: So you've been doing this event foreight years, so tell me how the Art of the Table and the collaboration with Bilotta andthe new collaboration with Replacements, talk to me a little bit about how it's changedover the years.

Krissa Rossbund: Well, it's always excitingto see what the designers are coming up with next.

And what's best about it is introducing designersto some of these tabletop brands because they're not always familiar with them.

And a company like Replacements, it's an institutionin and of itself and to have this arsenal of these historic brands, a lot of antiquesplus new and be able to put them all together is something special.

Jim Bilotta: I would say the main change isthe designers have gone from very extravagant displays to, I think more simplicity.

We have less ornate moldings and corbels andpeople are looking for, I think just a simpler way of life.

Kelly: So tell me what is one of your favoriteelements of the Art of the Table event? Linh Calhoun: I think it's really coming tothe event and seeing how designers incorporate our product into the kitchen, into a lookand feel and just create this whole environment.

And every time I come to this I'm inspired.

Kelly: What do you think the secret to kitchendesign is? Beth McDonough: The secret to kitchen design,I think is creating a welcoming environment, one that's beautiful, but when you look beneaththe surface really has a fantastic functionality and I think that's why when Bilotta and Replacementscome together, it really shows a way to create a wonderful welcoming setting in technicallywhat is a very functional space.

Kelly: Thank you so much for joining me forthe eighth annual Art of the Table.

I'm Kelly Dedman for Traditional Home andwe'll see you next time.

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