Kitchen islands! The benefits

Kitchen islands! The benefits

By | February 19, 2019

Today we're discussing kitchen islands and how to make a real feature and a bold statementwith your kitchen island.

We'll be giving you some design ideas that you may be able to incorporate into your kitchen home extension.

I'm Greg from Jeffery & Wilkes and this is part 12 of your 13 part guide to creating a home extensionwith the wow factor.

If you're fortunate enoughto have a large extension then you want to be thinking about having a stand alone kitchen island as a striking stand out feature.

If your home extensionisn't quite large enough to have a stand alone kitchen island then you can still thinkof some other ideas to make it look good.

Sometimes you can havebreakfast bars that wrap around, you can put some stools under there and some feature pendant lighting.

A breakfast bar can still bea feature in its own right.

But as we said if you have enough space and you're fortunate to havea large kitchen extension then a kitchen island is a must have.

You want to make a bold statementwith this kitchen island it's a real strikingcenterpiece of the kitchen.

We're going to give you afew feature design ideas that you may want to incorporate.

One of the first thingsyou can think about is the colour of the kitchen island.

The colour of the islanddoesn't need to match the same colour as your main kitchen.

Your main kitchen cabinetsmay be one colour, an off white for example, but your kitchen island could be a completely separatecolour that stands out which can be quite a striking contrast to have it as a different colour.

If you're not bold enough to do that with the kitchen cabinets then why not think aboutdoing it with the worktop.

The worktop doesn't need to match.

You can have a nice granite or quartz kitchen worktop for your main kitchen but for the island why not have a completely different worktop? It could be a solid timber worktop, a completely different colour and that can be a real striking feature to make the island stand out on its own.

Other things that youwant to think about is some of the features you canput into the island itself to make it stand out.

You may have some gadgets like a nice wine coolerwith a glass front on it, or you could have a wine rack with all your favoritewines in there to show off, or you could have a bookshelfwith some books and vases.

Something a little bit different to make your kitchen island stand out.

Also think about the lightingabove your kitchen island.

Often you can have feature pendants.

You can have multiple pendants or sometimes one large striking pendant can really set the kitchen island off.

Others use the kitchenisland as a functional area.

It doesn't just have to bean area that you sit around and be completely blankwith nothing on it.

Some put kitchen hobs on thereto cook and extractor fans.

It can be quite functional to use and this is great because you can still make adesign feature out of this.

You can get some really high tech cooker extractor fans that go above your hob, they can be glass and quite large, some are quite designershaped which look great.

Or you can even have a downdraft extractor and this is where it elevates itself out of the worktop whichcan look really great so when you turn the fanon the downdraft extractor comes up to protect the hoband provide some extraction.

That could be a great idea too.

Whatever you decide to incorporate, make a bold statementwith your kitchen island.

It's the centerpiece of your kitchen so you want to dosomething special with it to give your kitchen the wow factor.

That's part 12 of your 13 part guide.

Join us next week for part13 where we're discussing the different types offloor that you can have in your home extension.

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