Designing a Casually Elegant Kitchen

Designing a Casually Elegant Kitchen

By | February 18, 2019

Everything I'm excitedabout with this house is, like, radiatingfrom the kitchen, and I think it's goingto be really stunning.

I think we're going tohave fun with this one.

Yeah, me too.


[pop music] [ding] Toy and Corey Wattsare moving to town.

They're a big family.

They have three kids.

TOY WATTS: I lovea small town, and I want my children togrow up in a community where everybodyknows who they are.

They're so fun.

[laughter] I think their house canbe a little bit fun.

The Watts are brand new here.

They don't know anybody.

When you're thatnew in a place, you need to have somethingthat is your soft landing, your comfort, when you are astranger in a strange place.

And I hope that the house isgoing to be that for them.

[easy listening music] First, you see the outsidethat feels a little European.

Is it Spanish? Is it French? It's neither.

It just feels a little bitlike it's inspired by some of those elements, right? I want to play thatup in a major way, and it all centersaround the nook, the oven nook in the kitchen.

How cool is that? COREY WATTS: I love nooks.

That is the coolestthing about this kitchen.

And right now, it doesn't shine.

So how do we make itfeel a little more Spanish and a little less 80s? [pop music] [ding] BLAKE: Keeping that detail,which definitely was a custom– Yes, yes.

BLAKE: –thing that'sstill beautiful today.

If we could, like, tile andlighten and brighten the inside back wall and find away to bring color, a very colorful Spanishtile that looks hand-painted as a focal point inthe kitchen, and then just build out from there.

Let a tile make theentire house's palette.

AMANDA: But if youdo maybe a printed porcelain tilethat has the look, and we can take kindof a pattern mix.

I love this so much.

AMANDA: Me too.

This feels likea young family.


It's good, allthe good colors.

This is going to be thelittle heart of the house, and the personality is goingto come from right there.

Toy loves neutral.

Whites, greens.

AMANDA: Yeah, yeah.

Kind of like this, butmaybe not as flat-faced, you know, maybe if it justhad a little bubble to it– A little more ofa bubble, got it.

AMANDA: –that would probablylook pretty with the stain, or with the paint.

– Yeah.

AMANDA: The husband, Corey– Doesn't like whitecabinets, but she loves them.

AMANDA: But she lovesthe white cabinets.

So, why don't wesplit the difference? BLAKE: Marry the two.

AMANDA: Marry them.


They're married, let'smarry their interests, then.

Let's give her whitecabinetry uppers– AMANDA: Right.

Give him stained wood lowers.

BLAKE: And I lovethe fact of using like a fruit, woody color.

It bridges that Europeanaesthetic of the house, bringing in thatcasual elegance.


BLAKE: I think you'rereally creating that.

Casual elegance is soright for this house.

Light source.

AMANDA: It needs it, becauseotherwise that kitchen would be super dark.

Because all thereflection really comes off of the counter top.

It's going to be on the wood.

On the stained cabinets, yeah.

AMANDA: So it's gotta beeither a light marble, or granite, or stone, for sure.

Something durable.

I think we make Toy happyby keeping it bright– AMANDA: Lighter and brighter.

Y'all, Toy's going to love it.

[easy listening music] Man, the White'skitchen, it went from harvest gold, brown,dark, to this completely opposite feeling.

You walk in the room now,and it's light and clean.

It feels timely forthis time period.

We didn't erase everythingabout the house and the kitchen that was so good before.

I love the way that whitefilled towel and just a little bit ofcolor in the middle made everything that wascool about it so much better.

And it's excitingto me to think they have this to come back to,every day at the end of the day.


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